EX Thrust GRP Adapter For Bow & V-Shaped Hulls Basic Installation Kit

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The EX GRP Thrust Adapter facilitates the installation of thrusters on boats with bow or V-shaped hulls. This basic installation kit provides the essential elements for securely and effectively mounting the thruster, ensuring proper installation and optimal performance in a variety of boat configurations.

EX Thrust GRP Adapter For Bow & V-Shaped Hulls Basic Installation Kit

The EX Thrust GRP Adapter for Bow & V-Shaped Hulls is a component used in the installation of thruster systems on boats with V-shaped hulls. This adapter is specifically designed for use with Sleipner / Side Power EX and SX series bow thrusters.

The GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) adapter is used for bow installation on V-shaped hulls and is typically used together with a rubber adapter. The adapter allows for the proper alignment and secure mounting of the thruster system to the hull of the boat.

It’s important to note that installation of a thruster system should be done by a professional or someone with experience to ensure it is installed correctly and safely. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or consult with a marine professional for specific installation guidance.

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